Lake Silkworth was originally known as Three-Cornered Pond.  (Coincidentally, around the same time, Lake Nuangola was also referred to as Three-Cornered Pond.) 

The lake was first settled by Dr. David H. Silkworth in the 1880's.  Dr. Silkworth was a Civil War physician who moved to the lake (which was still wilderness at that time) from Beaumont (to him is credited the French name meaning "beautiful mountain").  He continued his practice at the lake also keeping a drug store and the local post office.  Dr. Silkworth was postmaster from 1885 - 1889.

My information on who actually is responsible for the name change from Three-Cornered Pond to Lake Silkworth is a little fuzzy right now as I have a bit of conflicting information.  However, the name was changed around 1891 by either William C. Conover & Samuel Jones or Norman D. & William H. Schooley who purchased most of Silkworth's property between 1886 - 1889. 

Over the years, properties around the lake were sold and the lake was developed.  It became one of the area's most popular resort spots.
The lake's heyday of popularity boomed in the 40's and 50's.  In August 1946, the Lake Silkworth Volunteer Fire Department sponsored the inaugural Lake Silkworth Day.  For more than a decade, this annual event became one of the biggest spectacles in North East PA with crowds estimated at 10,000 people lining the shores.

The event would begin with a flag raising cememony followed by many events.  The most popular was the water carnival, the parade of decorated boats and floats that circled the lake.  Other events included:
* motor/power boat races
* row boat races
* canoe races
* kayak races
* sailboat races
* water ballet exhibition
* diving demonstrations (at Ginter's Stand)
* life saving technique demonstrations
* cottage decorating contest
* the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church's annual chicken dinner (held at Zatowiecki's pavilion)
* and the Aqua Ball where the King and Queen were crowned (at Vincent's Lakeside Park)

A brief history of Lake Sillkworth
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